Kinza Finance Airdrop and Referral Program

KZA Airdrop

As outlined in our Tokenomics section: A total potential supply of 5%, or 5 Million $KZA will be distributed during airdrops after the Token Generation Event. The amount of KZA airdropped will be majorly proportional to time-weighted TVL each user contributed leading up to TGE. This airdrop kick-starts the Kinza Wars by rewarding early supporters of the platform who can be the first to stake, vote, participate, and earn in the earliest epoch.

Note: The airdrop will take place after the Token Generation Event, for which the date has not been decided yet.

Airdrop Points System

The Kinza Airdrop Points System gives users a preview into how much airdrop they can get following TGE according to their deposited TVL and time spent in the protocol. The longer a user holds liquidity on the platform, the more points they earn, and the larger eligible airdrop allocation they generate.

At the time of TGE and prior to the KZA airdrop, the Points System will be the primary factor that determines how the KZA airdrop is distributed. The more points you have, the larger your airdrop. That being said, it is not a 1:1 conversion - 1 Airdrop Point does not equate to 1 KZA.

Airdrop Page

To view your earned Airdrop Points, navigate to the Airdrop section of Kinza DApp. Here, you will be able to view your Airdrop Points, as well as send invites and explore your referrals. Your Airdrop Points are updated everyday at 0 UTC time, according to the current value of the liquidity you have supplied.

Points are generated from time-weighted TVL. $100 worth of TVL deposited for 1 day will generate 1 point. Same as $50 worth of TVL deposited for 2 days, or $1 worth of TVL deposited for 100 day.

Liquidity provision is the primary action that is rewarded with Airdrop Points, but stay tuned for campaigns, events, and other actions for more opportunities to gain points and increase your allocation.

Early Supporter Bonus

To express appreciation to our early supporters, we will add 10% bonus to all points earned prior to the launch of this points system. The point system scans the protocol history and generates the applicable points for users who have already deposited to Kinza. In Airdrop Page, your Base Points would have already included the 10% bonus.

The Referral System

The Kinza Finance airdrop referral program stimulates the growth of TVL and provides our early supporters and users to benefit from increased airdrop allocations following the KZA TGE.

How It Works

Each user has a unique Referral code. This code consists of 6 characters. When a user is invited to Kinza Finance with a referral code, and deposits on the platform, both the Referrer and Referree earn a 10% bonus on the referred user' airdrop allocation according to their total value of deposits.

This means that if you invite three users who each qualify for a 100 KZA airdrop, you will be eligible for your airdrop allocation plus a 30 KZA allocation bonus! In this case, each of those three referred users would also receive a 10% bonus - so 10 more KZA to each of them. The amount of KZA airdropped will be majorly proportional to time-weighted TVL each user contributed leading up to TGE.

A leaderboard of users with the highest total referred TVL can be found on the referral dashboard.

Inviting Users

In order to access your dashboard, you will need to connect your DeFi wallet. You can follow the instructions in Connect & Supplyif you are just getting started with Kinza Finance.

Your referral dashboard can be found here (wallet must be connected):

If you are already logged in to Kinza Finance, you will see a link to the Airdrop Points dashboard on the top menu bar. You will be able to access your Referral dashboard there.

Users can be invited either using an embedded link generated from the user dashboard, or via manually inputing a referral code using the Binding tool.

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