Connect & Supply


First, you will need to connect your DeFi wallet to the Kinza Finance mainnet. Head over to and click on Connect Wallet.

A popup will give you a list of supported wallets. Click on your preferred wallet to continue. In this case, we will connect a Metamask wallet.

Once connected, you will now see your wallet address in the right-hand corner of the Kinza Finance dashboard, as well as your available assets to supply. In this case, we have ~$47 of $BNB available (0.21 BNB).

Let's deposit half of our available BNB. To supply, click on "Supply". A window will pop up to enter the desired amount of your available assets for deposit.

Since the deposit function requires a transfer of assets from your wallet, approval is needed. An approval window will pop up, and you will need to approve to continue.

Once you have approved and confirmed the transaction, the deposit will be executed, and you will return to the dashboard.

Now that you are back to the dashboard with the supplied assets, you can switch the collateral toggle if you want to use your deposited assets as collateral for a loan. Switch the toggle, and a window will pop up.

Click "Enabling As Collateral" and you will be greeted with a final message to confirm.

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