🌅Real Yield Vision

Kinza Finance is an on-chain money market on BNB Chain that is accessible, secure, and sustainable.

Accessibility: Blockchain has revolutionized finance with decentralized transactions and investing opportunities, activities once solely provided by central banks. With the advent of smart contracts, developers began to experiment with decentralized financial products – like borrowing and lending. Instead of third-party intermediaries determining who can borrow, lend – and in what ways, decentralized solutions use smart contracts and incentivization mechanisms to ensure healthy accounts and sustainable ecosystems. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) facilitates accessible financial opportunities for all, empowers the individual, and generates new possibilities for earning rewards and tokens without the need for selling investment positions.

Security: The team at Kinza Finance believes lending protocols are the cornerstone of a DeFi system. Acting as a decentralized risk department, keeping individual investors, institutions, and asset pools healthy. Lending protocols, like decentralized exchanges, utilize liquidity pools to establish and maintain unique lending markets. Like any system involving liquidity pools, security is of primary importance. With security attacks and vulnerabilities highlighted over time, lending protocols have grown to incorporate high-level security features - Kinza Finance aims to set a new standard. Kinza adopts cutting-edge security measures, like Asset Isolation, to ensure a bulletproof system.

Separate from network security, stimulating liquidity provision has been a primary challenge for lending protocols – this is where Kinza innovates further.

Sustainability: Having numerous lending markets with deep liquidity is a hallmark sign of a healthy lending protocol. Without sufficient liquidity, borrowing becomes impossible. Kinza Finance Tokenomics employs a modified ve(3,3) emissions mechanism that allows participants to direct emissions to chosen lending pools each week, stimulating the growth of lending and borrowing activities. These emissions provide sustainable Real Yield for liquidity providers.

Real Yield

Good Liquidity is at the heart of healthy lending protocols. Without liquidity, borrowing becomes impossible. Instead of catalyzing liquidity provision by incentivizing lending, Kinza believes the solution to the liquidity problem is to focus not on lending, but borrowing. With borrowing incentives and effective interest rates, deposits will come. Kinza Finance provides sustainable Real Yield to lenders and token holders.

ve(3,3)-Inspired Emissions

Inspired by the innovative vote escrow (3,3) Tokenomics used to stimulate liquidity provision in DEX’s, Kinza Finance uses a gauged voting system to direct Kinza Finance token (KZA) emissions into lending markets. Emissions are separated into weekly periods, we will refer to as Epochs. In each Epoch, holders stake KZA, and vote to direct emissions to certain lending pools for upcoming Epochs. In each voted-upon lending market, rewards are given to borrowers, not lenders. Lenders earn the majority of the interest paid by borrowers.

For more information on token emissions, head over to: Tokenomics

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