Steps to use Kinza Testnet

The testnet is intended for development purposes and does not offer any incentives.

DeFi Wallet Setup

In order to use the testnet, you will need a DeFi wallet that supports BNB Chain, and the BNB Chain testnet network will need to be added.

Use the following information to manually add the BNB Chain testnet network:

Network Name: BNB Chain Testnet

Website: https://testnet.binance.org/

ChainID: 97

NetworkID: 97

Symbol: BSC

Access the Kinza Testnet at the following link:

Acquiring Tesnet Tokens

First, you will need to acquire Binance Smart Chain test tokens to mint other test assets to use on the Kinza platform. This core token is TBNB. To receive TBNB, use the BNB discord https://discord.com/invite/bnbchain.

Once in the Discord, head to the "testnet-fuacet" channel. To receive TBNB, use the following command:

!faucet <your BNB testnet address>

You will receive 0.5TBNB sent to the provided address.

Now, to fully explore the Kinza V1 Testnet, you will need more test tokens. To acquire tokens, head to the BNB testnet contract faucet at the following link:


Once on the page, select the "Contract" tab.

Select "Write Contract" tab, then click the "Connect to Web3" button. Proceed on your browswer wallet pop up.

After the button change into "Connected - Web3", expand the first option - "Mint".

Input the token address for the asset you would like to mint and send to the DeFi wallet address you will use on the Kinza V1 Testnet.

Testnet Tokens Address

Use the unique token addresses listed below to input in the faucet to mint each token respectively.

All tokens are made into 18 decimals, so to receive 10 tokens, input a 10 followed by 18 0's (i.e.,"10000000000000000000")

BUSD: 0xC57BFAf8FB2BE3DC1dcd49dC53ED37951C587596

USDC: 0x6Ad66Bb20D3ba7ff889635598c103176e2A7D5c1

USDT: 0x7399451B2bD18Ce26b71e6Ea46E82860370F5099

TUSD: 0x289BC293E959F50FAAF9898dD7A58B902CBA647e

BTCB: 0x5ac8F5EB22F4b66212B5caB1e118f66478Be6e91

WETH: 0x18D62b6A1893719693e17cc5693b77D3426c28D5

WBNB: 0xae13d989daC2f0dEbFf460aC112a837C89BAa7cd

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