The native Kinza Finance token. KZA is a BEP-20 token on BNB Chain.

$KZA contact address: TGE has not yet occurred.


Kinza Finance Tokenomics has been engineered to fuel participation, reward users, stimulate liquidity provision by incentivizing borrowers, and ensure a secure and stable protocol. The majority allocation of KZA has been reserved for community emissions to power ve-Real-Yield tokenomics and fuel the Kinza Wars.

The breakdown of 100 million $KZA total supply is as follows:


The Vesting schedule further demonstrates the Kinza Finance commitment to sustainable growth and community. Vesting will occur, over a four year period. Team, Investor, and Advisor vesting terms have a one year cliff, followed by a three year vesting period. Community and Reserve allocations are scheduled for a four year vesting period.


5M KZA (5% of total supply) has been allocated for distribution as an airdrop. The majority of this allocation will be distributed to users who provide liquidity on the Kinza platform during soft launch period before TGE (Token Generation Event) as a retroactive reward. The airdrop will occur following the KZA TGE.

*TGE date has not been unveiled, and more details on the KZA airdrop are coming via official Kinza channels. Until that time, do not trust any claims about a KZA token sale, or airdrop.

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