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What is Kinza Finance?

Kinza Finance. The next-generation on-chain money market.

Kinza Finance is the next-generation decentralized lending protocol on BNB Chain. Kinza Finance is non-custodial, permissionless, secure, and incorporates cutting-edge DeFi mechanisms and solutions to offer users a flexible and highly customizable DeFi lending experience. Built-in mechanisms and rewards incentivize participation, and innovative tokenomics ensure unparalleled sustainability.
Basics: Kinza Finance lending markets are established as liquidity pool contracts. In a liquidity pool contract, lenders deposit cryptocurrencies to provide liquidity. Borrowers can simultaneously place collateral and borrow from the pooled funds in the same contract. Lenders generate a portion of interest paid by borrowers. In addition, borrowers can earn a portion of Kinza Governance Token (KZA) emissions. Unique to Kinza, we focus on Real Yield combined with exciting ve(3,3)-inspired tokenomics. KZA holders can stake KZA to earn a slice of protocol revenue, as well as bribes.
Learn more about this system in the Tokenomics section. Let the games begin!

About Us

The name Kinza originates from the officially sanctioned gold guild in Tokugawa shogunate's time. Kinza Finance was started by a group of Fintech and blockchain experts with deep experience in the DeFi space. Projects we have built include Mantle Network, GRO Protocol, Cobo Custody and more. With comprehensive technical and practical knowledge of DeFi protocols, the Kinza team decided to build a lending protocol with the pinnacle of security standards and innovative tokenomics.
Accurate and trustworthy information will always come from our official channels. We do not have a contract deployed, and KZA has not been issued. Do not trust sources that claim to represent Kinza Finance, especially those offering airdrops, tokens, or other offers.